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Laconi (Nu), Amsicora street-Tel.  0782/869020.

The country can be reached, leaving from Cagliari through the statal road 131:  before Sanluri it takes on  the right  the statal road 197 in Villamar direction, than it goes on through the 197 one until Laconi.

Opening timetables:  hours 9-13 (closed monday, with possible variations of timetable).

The collection:  in the Museum they are kept the archaeological remains who come from the search that the University of Cagliari makes in the territory of Laconi.

The heart of the collection is constituted from 40 monoliths (menhir) of prenuragical age, some of remarkable dimensions.

Among these they distinguish themselves the protoanthropomorphous and the anthropomorphous menhir and the male and female statues-menhir.

The menhir are rough multimamillaried monoliths, sometimes with eyes and mouth, and sometimes without some sign, totally smooth symbolizing the male phallus.

Some menhir found at Laconi distinguish themselves by  the greater level of elaboration, for this they are identified like statues-menhir.

The statues-menhir are of proto and anthropomorphous type and they atre also “armed “:  in fact, the body of the monolith brings, carved in relief, the daggers, symbol of the power.  This sign let think that the statues are the symbolic rrepresentation of heroes or divinities and that they were tied to their commemoration.

They are instead exposed a set of ceramics and metallic hand-manifactured articles

of the neolithic and eneolithic age.

Maps and illustrative panels complete and enrich and enrich the preparation of the museum.