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the Carnival masks and events on the island 


MAMUTHONES  Carnival in Mamoiada
in the heart of Barbagia black masks, dark, dramatic, sheep skins, cowbells, a rythmical gait, tamed men, a noisy bedlam 

S’URTZU  Carnival in Samugheo
goat skins and horns, black faces, cowbells, dances, echoes of ancient rites

MERDULES E BOES   Carnival in Ottana
anthropomorphic masks represent the yoking of the oxen and a silent spinner weaves the symbolic thread of life 

THURPOS   Carnival in Orotelli
a centuries old rural rite. Man imitating the yoked animal

S’ATTITTIDU  Carnival in Bosa
black and white masks, fire-flies, happy spirits in the dark, phallic symbols, satyric songs

S’URTHU, ZIZZARONE, DON CONTE  Carnival in the Barbagia of Ollolai
the terrible Urthos, the enthralling rythm of the drums, Don Conte’s trial