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  •  Artisan Jeweller’s art at Alghero
    Ancient Sardinian Capital of the coral, Alghero takes advantage of the collection of this limestone red substance that is secreted from small sea-Coelenteratae, to create splendid jewels appreciated much more today that the coral has become a rarity also in the seas of the Sardinia.  

Craftsmen of Alghero
– Atelier Orafo Marogna Siblings srl – via Don Minzoni 208
– House of the Coral of M. Lubrano – public square Door Earth 7 

  • Artisan Jeweller’s art at Quartu Sant’ Elena
    Really ancient it is the tradition in the working of the gold of Quartu that encloses many varieties of the Sardinian tradition:  the jewels in gold and silver filigree, gold jewels, silver, coral and nacre. 

Craftsmen of Quartu Sant’ Elena
– Art Oro – Fiume 35 street
– Valentina snc – Colombo 166 avenue