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Half an hour at most from the beach


  • Sant’Imbenia Nuraghe
    Along the Alghero- Porto Conte road: this nuraghic complex is made up of a three-foiled Nuraghe group (Mid-Bronze, VI century B.C.) with a large village of huts around it.
  • Palmavera Nuraghe
    Along the Alghero-Porto Conte road: this complex, dated between the XIII and VI century B.C., is made up of an older nuraghic tower and stone boundary walls with tower-huts.
  • L’Argentiera  
    Not far from Alghero, a few kilometres from the town of Palmadula: a mining centre set up in the nineteenth century to exploit lead and zinc deposits. Abandoned in 1962, its buildings are an extremely important example of industrial archaeology.
  • Anghelu Ruju Necropolis
    Close to the airport: necropolises with domus de janas, vertical-shaft or corridor entryways. Plans show a design with numerous cells, and walls are often decorated with fake doors, cornices, socles, crucibles or bulls’ heads.
  • Santu Pedru Necropolis
    Along the Alghero-Uri road: neocropolis with domus de janas. The most famous tomb, the one with the so-called “Tetropodal Vases”, has a very long entry corridor with a semi-circular anteroom and a central chamber, off which seven smaller cells with sculptured bulls’ heads open up.
  • Alghero
    It preserves countless traces of Aragonese and Spanish domination, from the defence towers to parts of the boundary walls. Some private buildings and religious monuments are also significant.


  • Lake Baratz
    Not far from the sea near Porto Ferro, it is the only permanent fresh-water lake in all of Sardinia.
  • Capo Caccia’s Rocky Promontory
    In the shadow of its towering lighthouse, a lofty balcony overlooking the sea and offering  a splendid view of Alghero.
  • Neptune’s Grottoes
    Located inside the Capo Caccia promontory, they are Sardinia’s most beautiful and most famous grottoes. They can be reached by boat or by the spectacular stairway (656 steps) called Escala del Cabirol.


  • Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art
    P.zza Duomo – ex Chiesa del Rosario,  tel. 079 9733041

  • Sella & Mosca Museum
    Località I Piani, strada Alghero – Porto Torres km. 11, tel. 079 997700