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lenght> 100 MG
period> 3 days

archaeology> *****
nature> *****
tradition> ***
panorama> *****

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Leaving from Carloforte we will visit a feature of the south-western coast, will arrive in the zone of Teulada and then we will return behind towards Carloforte making stage to Porto Pino:
We will visit white beaches, islands and reefs.The divers have not to forget the equipment at home because the occasions for the immersions will not lack!

We leave from Carloforte, in the island of San Pietro,by the sailing Yacht “Matita”; the skipper is Stefania from the Carloforte Sail Charter. Our objective is to pass three days of emotions sailing in the south-west of the Sardinia; we want to water the gears of the daily ruotine, with water salting naturally.

We sail from Carloforte early in the morning and turn soon towards south, coasting the island of Sant’ Antioco.

We succeed “to discover ” bewitched angles that would deserve one by one entire days, like Cala Lunga, the Torre di Cannai, until the beaches of Maladroxia, on which a typical small restaurant shows itself indeed a lot intriguer.

We continue sailing the coasts where we discover the Sardinia of the postcards, the island of the promises. But all is real: the whitest beaches and the cliffs are the bewitched bridges between the transparent sea and the incontaminate vegetation.
The beach of Porto Pino, sheltered naturally, seems the exhibition of all the best collection of samples of the Sardinia: the vitreous waters stop on sandy dunes where forests of pines and junipers give sprays of green in the immense whiteness of the sandy shore.
Soon in the south it dominates CapoTeulada, the last southern border of the Sardinia. Its spectacular wall full of rocks dominates with its 223 meters of height, impassive sentry of the coast, of its shelters and its beaches.
Going back towards the northeast we meet the beach of Tramatzu Port, with its camping and the torre del Budello of Spanish age. Moreover Porto Zafferano, Porto Teulada and opposite the great Isola Rossa, wonder of the wonders for the swims and the immersions.
We must only choose: it is time to spend a charming evening in oadstead.

Sardinia Point advises:
visit the sounding-depths of the Isola Rossa

Stage> TEULADA: ab.5021; 50 m s.l.m

Teulada is arranged in semicircle around the church that is dedicated to the Vergine del Carmelo of the 1600 ca.; the country, deserted in the Middle Ages, revives in the day’s place in modern age.
The zone of Capo Teulada, cape of 223 meters, dominates and repairs the most beautiful beaches of the south Sardinia. An antiquated military tie watches over the coast; its beaches can be admired only from the sea.

The day after we follow various rhythms and we can give ourself up to more careful visits of the zone, relax ourself in water and to have a snack.
Later in the afternoon we turn the prow towards the west: we are turned to Porto Pino, where we will spend the night in oadstead.
We land to Port Pino, a graceful coastal village, where beach and stars will give us the goodnight .

Our third day is dedicated to sail. We must go back to Carloforte and we learn, under the guide of the skipper, to feel us a crew. We part between sun and dives and we fish to pulls ahead: will we succeed to put with the supper?
And now it is evening: here is the port of Carloforte.  Again on the earth…