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  • The ceramics of Oristano
    It was born here in the 20 years the first School of Decorative Art by the great sculptor Francesco Ciusa who died unfortunately early. Typical themes of the production, created from the ancient inspiration and become cultural patrimony they are the great water jugs, decorated with angels and saints disposed round to Eleonora of Arborea. 

Craftsmen at Oristano
– Manis Ceramics, Renato Marroccu street, Oristano
– the Atelier “Creare con arte” by Pinna M.C. – V.Veneto 12 street, Oristano 

  •  The ceramics of Assemini (CA)
    Centre of great importance of the low Campidano
    in which they were produced all the main shapes of common use objects of the Sardinian handicraft tradition: pans, pots and water jugs. The detailed artistic shapes of this area are the little amphorae decorated with small flowers. 

Craftsmen at Assemini
– “Ceramiche d’Arte” by Spiga A. -Caprera street, Assemini
– “Ceramiche terracotta” by Carboni S. – S.Cristoforo 56 street, Assemini