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  • references:  Carloforte Sail Charter -Loc. Guardia Mori snc 09014  Carloforte (CA) -Tel 0781850103, 03472733268

The island of S. Pietro (CA) is divided from the Sardinia from a short tract of sea: we arrive by ferry.
The points of boarding for the island are two: Calasetta, in the peninsula of S. Antioco and PortoScuso, both easy to reach from Cagliari, along S.S. 130, in 1h by car approximately. The ferries employ 40′ in order to catch up the island and the trips are frequent. We leave the car and we sail.

Davide is the skipper that the Carloforte Sail Charter places at ours’ disposal ; he waits for us in Carloforte at ten o’clock, at the” the porticciolo dei pescatori”, on the right regarding the tourist port, where its sailing boat Matita is moored.

We learn from him that the day is good and that can favour every our desire (immersions, beaches, reefs).

He says us that we will be a true crew: “You will be protagonists! Not only stingy tourists!. ”

Therefore we sail towards North and we pass between “l’isola Piana”e “La Punta” , where we see the plant of” tonnara” and the Tacche Bianche , clear tufaceous formations that alternate themselves with the trachyte vertically on the sea.

We arrive to our first landing place in front of a cove with a hole on the ceilingto,to that you can arrive exclusively swimming .

We go back in boat and after 15′ we arrive to the “Grotta delle Oche”:if we had organized us in time , we could have made immersions of 30 min. until 25 m of depth.

We resume our route and sailing on a bowline, so says Davide to us, we arrive to the nice Cala Vinagra  , nearly a fjord with a little island, a good one “sheltered place “says our skipper, to the shelter of which we decide to have lunch. We leave again for a time of 30 ‘ and Davide advises us : we enter in the zone of the hawk of the Queen and of the lighthouse, from Cala Fico to Capo Sandalo, the reefs around us are vertically on the sea and here it is Carloforte… the Oasis , a privileged point for the observation of the hawks, controlled and protected from the experts of the LIPU.

In half hour of navigation sailing with the spinnaker, really excited, we will be in the beach of Cala dello Spalmatore,the only one on the western coast and with whitest sand, with camping and kiosk for refreshment.

The next one is probably more beautiful; after others 30 ‘ of sail we arrive to Cala della Mezzaluna, a natural amphitheater,( so the name), that seen from the boat turns out particularly spectacular also for the numerous coves that are opened on the sea.

We see others equally beautiful beaches while returnig to port : the Bobba and the Guidi both with the kiosk.

In port Davide proposes to us a surfing shower: cold water in the dock, and then we prepare ourselves for the shopping and the aperitif I taking a walk in Carloforte, a city that indeed deserves our attention; we greet Davide, thanking him for the oneness and the intensity of the trip and we make ourselves to advise a typical restaurant, for one supper rigorously made up of fish.

We conclude the evening waiting for the ferry that we had just reserved for midnight as soon as arrived,following Dade’s advice.


Spend the night in boat or in the zone in order to know better the western coast .Pay attention to the tunny of Carloforte, also if you buy it from the Japanese, because it is considered the best one of the world.

Stage.-.SAN Pietro-Carloforte: In.6625 -10 M s/m -from Cagliari 89 km and then the ferry, tourist port.

The island has a volcanic origin: she is formed from eruptiv cliffs, who broke off more than a million of years ago from the Sardinia. The presence of pine-woods above all in the northern zone, already noticed from the Valery at the beginning of the last century, is the testimony of the forests that covered all the island.

The tonnara dell’isola Piana, with the palace of the going back direction to the sec. xxviii-xix, it has been mirably restored and it is today the center of a vacation village .

The Grotta delle Oche is the largest of the island, dug by the sea in the trachyte with the patience of the time.

Capo Sandalo is an obliged destination for the visit of the island and from here it is possible to see all the west coast of S.Pietro.

The hawk of the Queen or Eleonora measures approximately 40 cm. and it has a wing span of 110-130 cm, it is probably the more elegant and acrobatic predatory of the area of the Mediterranean. It arrives in spring after wimtering in Madagascar to nest, even if only at the height of summer it places the eggs that broods then for 28 days. The young hawks make the first flights just only a month after the birth .

Sardinia point advises

The 29 of June, for three days, the festivity of S.Pietro takes place: a processione that from the little historical streets of the center arrives to the port and continues in the sea on the boats of the tunny fishermen .