TO UNDERWRITE A TRAVEL & HOLIDAY INSURANCE POLICY…..SP has made a small survey for you.  

Finally after months of hard job it can go on holiday! 

The incidental expenses are always in ambush,it can always happens something: from the loss of the luggage, to the necessity of a re-entry in  advance…and so our expected holiday transforms itself intoin the most typical ” holiday of Fantozzi “.

We hope that nothing of all happens, but if it had happen… we have two possibilities or to fill our suit-case with amulets and mascots and to devote to our protecting Saint…..or to lighten the suitcase and toprotect our holiday with a travel-holiday insurance that provides also such incidental expenses therefore that also the most ” effective ” mascot can not suppose. 
All the main Insurance Companies offer travel- policies with the possibility to personalize the same according to the destination, the duration of the travel and the number of persons;  some others offer also the possibility of stipulate on line the insurance policy. 


Genial Lloyd proposes a new way to have an insurance on line let you saving your time.  It is possible to choose among several guarantees proposed for the protection of your holidays so that to have a personalized insurance parcel. 

It is possible to buy on line a travel policy that provides the sanitary attendance (with interventions of a doctor and sending of urgent medicines) and the reimbursement for the sanitary expenses besides many others guarantees for the serenity of your holidays.  Every product is buyable singularly or in groups. 

Against every incidental expense, Assibit offers a complete and favourable insurance policy.  The possibilities are really varied and go from the cover of medical charges to those for re-entry in advance and flight accidents.  Inserting on line the data, the wished guarantees and the demands for an advice, they will be obtained immediate answers via e-mail. 


Assicurazioni Generali  
The Generali Assicurazioni offer a insurance cover, whether individual or of group, to save from the disagreeable situations that can be happen during the travels. According to the necessities, the price differs in base to the travel destination and its duration.  

Assicurazioni Sai  
Sai Asicurazioni Company has made “Nuova Carta Azzurra”: a whole of guarantees to guard the holidays that go from the unexpected overnight  stay until the damage of the luggage.  The insurance covers all the main incidental expenses that can be happen in a travel, in whichever locality in Italy and abroad. 

 Europ assistance  
It supplies a service of immediate aid to who is on holiday. The  policies answer to many necessities, they are available in several formulas with the possibility of a personalized cover for the single one or the entire family.  The policies are buyable through a free number “hallo” policy.