Province:  Nu
subregion:  Ogliastra
inhabitants:  4061
extension:  Kmq 21.645
altitude:  m 480 s.l.m.

geographic position:  in the central-eastern coast, it extends itself from the Gulf of Orosei towards south until the bathing locality of Santa Maria Navarrese


  • S.Pietro (place:.Golgo) the last Sunday of june
  • From July to August: the season of the Ancient Theatre
  • S.Antioco: 31st of July-1st of August
  • Assumption Day (in locality of S.M.Navarrese), 15th of August
  • Saint Lussorio, the first Sunday of september
  • Saint Nicholas the 6th of December


“Mediterraneo”(), place:  Tancau, 1, tel. 0782610432

“Saint Maria”(****), place: Santa Maria Navarrese, v Plammas avenue, 30, tel.0782615315

“Agugliastra”(***), place: Santa Maria Navarrese M,  Principessa Navarre square, 27, tel.0782615053

Where To eat:

Foddis Ciriaco, place:  Pisaneddu, tel.  0782610604

Gran Ranch by Mameli Mario, place: Santa Maria Navarrese, Plammas avenue, 1, tel.0782615103


Bank of Sardinia,  Roma street, 4

Petrol pumps:   Statal road. 125 Km 154,200