province:  Nu
subregion:  Ogliastra
inhabitants:  3.400 approximately
extension:  kmq 10.2
altitude:  m slm
geographic position:  on the eastern coast, 15 km far from the sea and 5 km from the statal road 125, to the crossroad of Genne’ and Crexia

Traditional Festivities  

  • Festivity of the”Madonna delle Grazie” near the locality Pelau Mannu, where there are the vineyards of the Cannonau

  • S. Antonio: the 13th of june,  it is carried out in  the same rural zone

  • S. Giacomo, on July

  • Festivity of the Wine, on August

  • Assumption Day, on August


  • Chillotti Concetta, Umberto main street 111 0782/70224


  • Corona Fabio,  Umberto street 357

  • Mura Virgina,  Umberto street 7

  • SMG, by Contu Salvatore snc, Umberto main street I 323


  • Bank of Sardinia, Umberto street 174/176

petrol pumps

  •  Alfredo Mereu square, Agip petrol pump

To sleep

Residence Mare Azzurro;  Residence Cardedu 2