province:  NU
subregion:  Barbagia
inhabitants:  5,000
extension:  kmq 220
altitude:  620 m slm
geographic position:  to the feet of the Supramonte

to arrive:

You can arrive at Orgosolo covering the provincial road that comes from Nuoro.

After nearly twenty kilometers of hairpin curves, in proximity of the lived center, a cliff representing an Indian (in the photo) with great eyes, will announce you that you are by now arrived at the

capital of the ” muralismo”, in that place in which the images break the silence. 

·               Traditional Festivities  

  • Easter: ” S’ Incontru”(the meeting)

  • 15th of August: Assumption Day


  • Petit Hotel by Godi Alberto,  Guscana street 2 Tel 0784/403196


  • Rubanu Nicolò Giuseppe,  Republic main street 230 Tel 0784/402251