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“Malvasia” Wine Golden color more or less full; intense, aromatic scent, with fragrances of almond tree flowers, it evolves in ethereal expressions of dried fruit and toasted almonds ; taste that goes from the dry one to the sweet, warm of alcohol, lightly fresh of acidity, sapid, soft, of good body, intense and persistent. Alcoholic Degree:  14-15% Vol.

the producers

  • Cantina of the Planargia  Nuova 8 street, 08010 Flussio (NU), tel. +39 78534886;  fax +39 078534886

  • Cantina of the Trexenta Piemonte, 28 avenue, 09040 Senorbì (CA) tel. +39 0709808863;  fax +39 0709808113

  • Cantina Sociale of Quartu Sant’ Elena  Marconi, 489 street, 09045 Quartu Sant’ Elena (CA), tel. +39 070826033;  fax +39 070826033   

“Vernaccia” Wine Yellow color, amber with the aging;  delicate, ethereal, penetrating and intense scent;  dry, full, fine, warm, tonic taste, much intense with a retro-taste clearly almonded and bitterish, sometimes it  introduces the taste “murrai” (with myrrh ).  Alcoholic Degree:  14-15.5% Vol.

the producers

  • Cantina Sociale of the Vernaccia Remedio Locality v Oristano, 149 street, 09170 Oristano (OR), tel. +39 078333155;  fax +39 078333860

  • Azienda Vinicola Attilio Contini  Genoa, 48/50 street, 09072 Cabras (OR), tel. +39 0783290806;  fax +39 0783290182