Tonara is on the western side of the Gennargentu.
Its economy is essentially agropastoral, but they have importance also some typical handicraft productions like the exceptional nougat, famous in all the Sardinia, or the cow-bells, the carpets, and objects in wood (remarkable the chests).
Since some year the country has disvered the tourist vocation, opening its doors to who loves the nature and the good foods.  

province:  Nuoro
subregion:  Barbagia of Belvì-Mandrolisai
inhabitants:  2,616
extension:  52.12 kmq
altitude:  950 m slm
geographic position:  on the western side of the Gennargentu  

city landscape and history
The city structure of the town is tied to its origin.  It is born, in fact, from four ancient villages, Arala, Arasulè, Talaseri and Toneri which are today considered quarters.
Probably the name of the quarter of Toneri, but also that one of the whole town, it is tied to the Sardinian word “toneri” that indicates the characteristic limestone towers of the zone.
The ancient houses are made in stone with the typical wooden balconies with cover. In the town, in these last years, they have been built up numerous modern buildings and the new quarter of “Su Pranu”.
The town keeps a bell-tower of the 1607 that belongs to the Church of Saint Gabriel rebuilt in this century.
Always in the town it is possible to visit the ancient source of Galusè. 

natural atmosphere
Tonara divides the forest of Uatzo with the communes of Sorgono and Belvì.
They are approximately 568 hectares in which they live chestnut trees, holm-oaks and cork-trees; many are also the water sources. Interesting is the visit to the Muggianeddu mount (1468 m.), where olm-oaks and little chestnut-trees are the natural background of the beautiful landscape.
The fires and the work of the man have diversified the two sides,
that bare southern one with rare woody oases and that north  western one covered wholly from forests.
The zone accommodates the small lake of the Torrei.
The position of Tonara allows to visit the others interesting fields of the area.  In the winter season it is easy to reach the skiing stations of the Spada Mount. 

  •  to see:
    >Archaeology:  domus de janas ” Is Forreddus ”
    >Churches:  Church of Saint Gabriel
    >Nature:  State property forest of Uatzo Muggianeddu Mount 

festivities and festivals:
>16-17th of January:  Saint Antonio Abbot
>Monday of the Angel:  Festival of the Nougat
>13th of June:  Saint Antonio from Padova
>Last Sunday of June:  Saint Sebastiano, rustic festivity
>2nd of August:  Saint Gabriel Archangel
>First Sunday of September:  Saint Maria  

  • what to buy:
    >Drapers Weavers co-operative society Galusè Karalis street, tel:  +39 0784 54354
    >Cow-bells Sulis Antonio Giovanni XXIII street, 6, tel:  +39 0784 63845
    >Nougat Pruneddu Salvatore Ing Porru street 5, tel:  +39 0784 63805