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Since the 1951 it has been assigned to the Sardinian cheeses  the denomination of origin and the nominative of cheeses. Recently to the Sardinia, only European region with three types of “pecorino”, has been recognized the title of DOP( Denomination of Proctected Origin) for the Sardinian Flower, the Sardinian Pecorino and the Roman Pecorino.
The acknowledgment is particularly important because it has been assigned from the European Union to the products that are made and  changed in the geographic atmosphere from which their qualities derive.   Many sorts of the inner production on the contrary suffer  heavy of the limitations that the European Union imposes, for example on “casu marzu” and “su casu axedu”, ancient Sardinian specialties that it is possible to find only in the tables of little families of handicraft producers. The great producers of the island, perfectly according to the traditions, although many limitations they success in leaving join these traditions to the competitiveness of the industrial standards arriving in all the most famous tables of the world. The main types of cheese produced in Sardinia  

The producers 

  • F.l Pinna brothers Industria Casearia S.p.A. tel. 079886009-6151-9399;  fax 079886724, 07047 Thiesi(SS)