Home E From Alghero to Bosa

km: 50
time: 1 day    

archaeology: **
nature: *****
art: **
traditions: ****
panorama: *****

We exit from Alghero towards Bosa on  the 105 provincial road, one coastal road that goes up to hairpin curves until 150 m of height, for one length of 45 km approximately.
The Coast of the Grifoni, that  goes from Alghero to Capo Marrargiu, is soon  high and hard:  the name indicates that this is the reign of the griffon-vulture, a large one predatory, that  lives in this zone.
The griffins, visible to the first hours of the day  or to the sunset,  seem not to strike the wings and to fly immovable in alone.
The vegetation is driven in lentisks and euforbias and the falling perpendicularlyi reefs , eroded in great stairs and struck from the winds in every season, are  perfect supports for the griffins, the  buzzards and imperial crows.  The griffins are a protected species and on they it supervises the wwf constantly.
Exceeded  Capo Marrargiu, the landscape is more accessible and it can be arrived to the sea through paths,  that are insinuated between Mediterranean spot and olive trees, until the beaches and  the wonderful creeks.  In these greens glades, between the bushes of the Mediterranean spot, numerous flocks graze and also the horses:  we are useful for one of the many panoramic pits in order to enjoy with peace of this fantastic show.  We arrive to Bosa, a beautiful citizen who stretches itself along the river Temo until the sea (Bosa Marina). 

Stage:  Bosa
Bosa:  In.8602 -2 M s/m -from Nuoro 87 km, tourist port.

Only case in the island, Bosa is carefullied lay down on the sides of a river, Temo, that is navigable until two km from the mouth.
Important Carthaginian emporium, Bosa became, just for the natural port-channel, Roman municipium and then  feud of marquises Malaspina, who built in the 1112, the castle that still today is the sign symbol of the city.

To visit and going back to the same period also the Cathedral and the Church of Saint Peter Extramuros, hardly outside of the city, closer  to the  mount, always along the river.  During  the visit it is  not to lose the  evocative walk along Temo that, from the red  trachytic bridge in front of  the Cathedral, leads until marine Bosa.  Along the river we find the buildings of Sas Conzas, used in the eight hundred for the tannery of the skins; then there are  il corso Vittorio Emanuele and  la piazza Costituzione  partly with arcades and  with  the Fontanone in the centre   

SardiniaPoint advises:
At Bosa:  they are famous the craftsmen specialized in the working of the gold filigree, and the characteristic embroidery of the  women from Bosa said exactly filet of Bosa.
Famous is also  the Carnival 

SardiniaPoint advises:
The first Sunday of August, for  four days, the festivity of S.Maria of the sea is carried out, a procession of boats that from Bosa Marina go back the course of Temo passing through the city.