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The typical Sardinian knife, “sa leppa” or “s’ arresoja”, is a jack-knife in well-finished steel with the handle in horn of mouflon or mutton, sometimes with applications in silver. The knife is considered a symbol of the clever man in the agri-pastoral society, “s’ arresoja” is in several shapes but always elegant, practical and functional.  The shops that make this characteristic knife are present in many centres of the island, but the models of “lussurzesa” one of Santulussurgiu (OR), of the “guspinesa” of Guspini (CA), of the “arburesa” of Arbus (CA) and of the “pattadesa” of Pattada (SS), they are also example of an ancient art beyond an object of common use, and therefore they are desidered pieces of  collection.   

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  • The knives of Pattada (SS)
    The authentic knife of Pattada, which today it is associated the sign of some famous craftsman, it is an authentic jewel of  theproduction of quality blades.  Without spring and blockade “sa pattadesa” has a characteristic blade in shape of lengthened leaf  to which it has given  a well tempered and thread with secret procedures and handed on from one generation of craftsmen to the other. 

 Craftsmen at Pattada
– Deroma Antonio Vittorio Veneto square,tel./fax 079 754040,cap 07016, Pattada (Ss)
– Fogarizzu Piero  Lookout street tel.079754137;  E.Fermi 5 street, tel./fax 079755003, 07016 Pattada (SS) 

  •  The knives of Arbus (CA)
    To testimony of the great artisan tradition of the knife, it rises here the Museum of the Sardinian knife.  In four rooms it introduces: ancient knives, some also of the XVI century,  an exposure of the most important masters of the knives of the Sardinia, while one room is dedicated to the best exemplaries of the knife-industry of Arbus and the last one is dedicated to the reconstruction of an ancient laboratory, “buttega e’ ferreri”. 

          Craftsmen at Arbus
– Pusceddu Paul – Rome 15 street Arbus (Ca).