a cemetery of plants

Province: Oristano
Subregion: Barigadu
Municipality: Tadasuni
Locality: Lago Omodeo

How to get there:
follow the S.S. 131 (“Carlo Felice”) to km 123, then turn towards Nuoro. After approx. 5 km there is the crossroad for Sorradile-Nughedu Santa Vittoria. Turn right, and after 3 km you arrive in Tadasuni. Cross the town, after 1 km there is a crossroad: take the unpaved road leading to the lake. At this point leave your car and take the path overlooking the “Ghost Forest”.

The “Ghost Forest” is located in the middle part of the Tirso valley, in the province of Oristano.
It was flooded in 1922, after the artificial basin for the Omodeo Lake was built.
Today you can see and visit it in September and October: in this period, if it has not rained much, the lake is almost dry.
It is an evocative place, you can walk on the bottom of the lake, and admire the big trees that seem petrified.
Every year, the trees re-emerge from the lake, as if to remind us that a luxuriant forest was set here a long time ago.
The water, with its slow but inexorable action, has shaped and smoothed the trunks, creating daring, odd shapes.
The silence of the cemetery is broken only by the cawing of the crows that live in this area.

photo P.C. Murru