WHERE: Villasimius, on the south-east coast, 50 km from Cagliari

location: approx. 1,2 km southwest of Capo Carbonara. There is a seamark, visible during the day, above the dive spot.
seabed: granite
difficulty: easy-medium
depth: from 12 to 38 m
average time: 1 hour
current: after strong Mistral winds. Sometimes strong on/near the surface nera the seamark
visibility: very good in every season
summer temperature: 18° C
winter temperature: 13° C

Interesting elements: there are big admiral anchors under the seamark.
There are caves that are home to coralligeno and deep canyons which slope down to the seabed.

Fauna: there are shoals of “dotti” (Epinephelus alexandrinus) on the south side of the seamark; sometimes “ricciole” (Seriola dumerili) and often Dentex (Dentex dentex) and other big “Serranidi” (Epinehelus marginatus) can be seen.
There are red Gorgonias (Paramuricea chamaeleon) on the west sandbank at about 37 m., and wide expanses of Parazoanthus axinellae inside the dark gorges.
Many Cowries and Invertebrates at night.

Dive description:
start from the beacon, going down along the fibreglass pillar. When you reach the seabed, enter one of the canyons which are located on the west side, and dive to a depth of 27-30 m.
There is a huge granite rock, behind which there is a seabed consisting of small granite stones.

Continue swimming along the left wall, where there are big monoliths and a granite ridge.
Follow the ridge until its end.
After passing pieces of admiral anchors, the ridge is shaped as a saddleback, which you must cross.

Change your direction of 180°, turn left, and swim until you reach the part of the seabed which is covered with small stones and posidonia. Go on, look towards the surface and you will see the seamark.

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photo: Efisio Pinna