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gastronomy, wine, traditions, handicrafts, culture, nature.
Here is a list with most important Autumn events.



:: Cortes Apertas in Sarule

  • when: October
  • where: Sarule (Nu)
  • info: Comune tel. 0039 0784 76609
  • site: www.comunesarule.it

In the Barbagia of Ollolai, the town of carpets. Taste typical products, visit the ancient homes in the old part of town, craftsmen at work, music, songs and traditional dancing.

:: Hospitality in the heart of Barbagia

Gastronomy: market-exhibition, local products such as the famous Fiore Sardo, traditional pecorino. Handicrafts, traditions, folklore.

:: Porcino d’Oro

  • when: October
  • where: Arzana (Nu)
  • info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 0782 37290

In the town on the eastern side of Gennargentu, restaurants offer menus based on boletus mushrooms. Seminars, meetings, excursions and a gastronomic contest.

:: Cortes Apertas in Orani

  • when: October
  • where: Orani (Nu)
  • info: Comune tel. 0039 078474433
  • site: www.orani.it

In the Barbagia of Ollolai, in Nivola’s and Delitala’s town, craftsmen, gastronomy, traditions and culture in the houses in the old part od town.

:: Snail festival in Gesico

  • when: October
  • where: Gesico (Ca)
  • info: Comune tel. 0039 070.987043

Sizzigorrusmonzittastappadasboveris, stewed, au gratin, roast.
Taste traditional dishes made with snails.


:: Chestnut festival

  • when: October
  • where: Aritzo (Nu)
  • info: Comune tel. 0039 0784 629223

Taste roast chestnuts and wine among the Gennargentu forests. You can buy typical local products

:: The mountain products

  • when: first weekend in November
  • where: Desulo (Nu)
  • info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 0784 619887

At about 1000m in the heart of Gennargentu, market. All the mountain products: ham, sausage, typical bread, meat, sheep cheese, sweets, roast chestnuts and specialities such as su callu (a very strong cheese cream made with milk fermented in the kid’s stomach)

:: Novello d’Oro

  • when: November
  • where: Arzana (Nu)
  • info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 0782 37290

A trip through Sardinia’s fragrances. From Cagliari to Arzana, on the old Little Green Train. Along the railroad, 4 stops to taste “novelli” wines and delicious food. Excursion and lunch in the countryside..

:: Novelli wines

  • when: November
  • where: Milis (Or)
  • info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 0783 51168
  • Regional review of novelli wines. Tasting, typical products