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  • Lu bogamarì (sea urchin) in the Alghero cooking, Alghero
    restaurants in Alghero offer menus based on sea urchins. Eat the eggs: they are delicious raw on bread or with pasta.
    [info: Azienda Autonoma di Soggiorno e Turismo tel. 0039 079 979054] 


  • Citrus festival, Muravera
    [info: Azienda Autonoma di Soggiorno e Turismo tel. 0039 070 9930760]


  • Torrone festival, Easter weekend, Tonara
    at 1000 m, in western Barbagia, taste the real Sardinian “torrone” made with Sardinian honey, eggs and top-quality dried fruit. Taste the bitter strawberry-tree honey torrone. Taste other typical products and Mandrolisai wines.
    [info: prolocotonara@tiscalinet.it  ; tel. 0039 0784 63448]


  • Mullet festival, Cabras 
    [info: Pro Loco tel. 0783 290227]
  • Strawberry festival, Arborea
    south of Oristano, a land rich in farms. Delicious strawberries for everybody.
    [info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 0783 801208] 
  • Open wine cellars, in different towns
    in Sardinian wine cellars, tasting, typical products, art, traditional culture, craftsmen
    [info: Consorzio Vini D.O.C. Sardegna tel. 0039 070 658989] 
  • Cous cous festival in Carloforte, Carloforte
    on the small island off the south-western coast. Taste the Carloforte cous cous, made with fish, part of the local gastronomy since the Carloforte people lived in Tabarka, a small island in front of Tunisi.
    [info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 0781 854009] 
  • Asparagus festival, Serrenti
    [info: Town hall tel. 0039 070 9159037] 


  • Carloforte tuna festival, end of May-first days in June, Carloforte
    on the small island off the south-western coast, the island of tuna. Taste typical plates made with tuna: tunnina, cassuli and curzetti – served in pots- and white wine, it all costs just a few euro.
    [info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 0781 854009]


  • Tundimenta seulesa, traditional sheep shearing, Seulo
    in southern Barbagia, among centuries-old forests. Andalas offers a day with shepherds, to discover ancient flavours: fresh milk, casu axedu (a sort of yoghurt), casu in filixi (fresh cheese, in ferns), entr’e sambini (the sheep’s stomach filled with its own blood, seasoned with cheese and spices and boiled), sa corda (roast entrails), roast sheep and mountain ham [info: Andalas, tel. +39 0782 58130;  340 2654178]
  • Cherries and caschettas festival, Belvì
    on the wetsern side of Gennargentu. Delicious Gennargentu cherries and sweet caschettas: thin sheets of pastry with a sapa-based filling.
    [info: Comune tel. 0039 0784 629216] 
  • Cherry festival, Villacidro
    [info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 070 9315781] 
  • Honey festival, Montevecchio – Guspini
    [info: Pro Loco Guspini tel. 0039 070 970384 ]


  • Cheese festival, Mandas
    [info: Comune tel. 0039 070 984185] 
  • Peach festival, San Sperate
    [info: Comune Sport e Cultura tel. 0039 070 96040221] 
  • “Sa prazzira e de sa pezza de cabra” festival, San Vito
    [info: Comune tel. 0039 070 9927138]
  • Culurjones festival, Tortolì
    [info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 0782 667690 ] 
  • Fish festival, Santa Teresa di Gallura
    [info: Azienda Autonoma di Soggiorno e Turismo tel. 0039 0789 754127] 


  • Chalices under the stars, night of San Lorenzo
    tasting, music and live concerts…under the August sky
    [info: Consorzio Vini D.O.C. Sardegna tel. 0039 070 658989]
  • Vermentino festival, Monti
    [info: Comune tel. 0039 0789 44641] 
  • Su zicchi festival, Bonorva
    [info: Comune tel. 0039 079 866361]  
  • Fish festival, Castelsardo
    [info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 079 471506 ]
  • Wild boar festival, Domus de Maria
    [info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 070 9236293 ]
  • Is culurjonis festival, Sadali
    [info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 0782 59094]
  • Wine festival, first weekend in August, Jerzu
    in the heart of Ogliastra. Taste typical products and the famous Jerzu Cannonau wine, strong and scented. 
    [info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 0782 71311]


  • Mullet festival, Marceddì
    [info: Pro Loco Terralba tel. 0039 0783 84096]
  • Gattulis festival, Villagrande
    on the eastern side of Gennargentu. Is gattulis are meatballs made with potatoes, pickled fresh cheese and lard, fried in oil. You can find them only in Villagrande.
    [info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 0782 32779]
  • Roast sheep festival, Villagrande
    on the eastern side of Gennargentu. Sheep eat typical Sardinian herbs on the high summer pastures, thymus, wild thyme and Mediterranean plant buds. Their meat becomes fragrant and wild and it is not fat. Cooked on the spit among mountain forests, slated and stiddiada (larded with burning drops) it becomes sweet and delicious. Some say it is aphrodisiac. [info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 0782 32779]
  • Ham festival, Talana
    on the eastern side of Gennargentu. You reach these areas and you see small ,slim and spotted pigs, almost wild boars, grazing freely among the forests feeding on berries, roots and mainly acorns. Sardinian hams are made of these, and they have a stronger taste comparing to Italian ones, which makes them more similar to the Spanish ones. Salted, peppered and marinated in red wine, they season in the cool Ogliastra breeze.
    [info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 0782 646862]


  • Fish festival, Fishermen’s village – Cagliari
    typical Cagliari fishermen plates tasting. All of Cagliari’s trdaitional fish cooked according to ancient recipes: burrida, pruppu a schiscionera (octopus with garlic), pisci a scabbecciu (sweet and sour fish), lissa (roast mullets) and fried fish.  
  • Santa Greca, Decimo Mannu
    20 km from Cagliari. Town festival. There are many stands where you may taste simple but tasty food: roast mullets, roast meat, malloreddus with sauce
    [info: Comune tel. 0039 070 966 701]


  • Chestnut festival, last weekend in October, Aritzo
    among the Gennargentu forests, taste roast chestnuts and wine. You can buy typical local products.
    [info: Comune tel. 0039 0784 629223]


  • Novello d’oro, Arzana
    a trip through Sardinia’s fragrances. From Cagliari to Arzana, on the old Little Green Train. Along the railroad, 4 stops to taste “novelli” wines and delicious food. Excursion and lunch in the countryside.
    [info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 0782 37290] 
  • Novelli wines, Milis
    regional review of “novelli” wines. Tasting, typical products
    [info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 0783 51168]
  • The mountain products, first weekend in November, Desulo
    at about 1000m in the heart of Gennargentu, market. All the mountain products: ham, sausage, typical bread, meat, sheep cheese, sweets, roast chestnuts and specialities such as su callu (a very strong cheese cream made with milk fermented in the kid’s stomach)
    [info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 0784 619887]  


  • Porcino d’Oro, Arzana 
    in Arzana, on the eastern side of Gennargentu, restaurants offer menus based on boletus mushrooms. Seminars, excursions and a gastronomic contest.
    [info: Pro Loco tel. 0039 0782 37290]