Following the road to Olbia from the Sassari area, we arrive in Gallura, famous for its Vermentino wine: it goes well with fish and it represents the best product of local oenology.
Gallura also produces the famous Moscato and the less well-known Nebbiolo and Nastarrè.



In the entire Gallura area you can taste suppa cuata or zuppa gallurese (Gallura soup): it is basically made of slices of whole-meal bread and cow-cheese, put in a pan in alternating layers, sprinkled with fresh pecorino cheese and chopped parsley. Very hot meat broth is poured on top.
Sas tiliccas are typical sweets from Gallura, as well as Logudoro: they are made of flour dough kneaded with lard and filled with honey, nuts, almonds and "sapa". They have sinuous shapes and lifted edges.
In Monti you can taste the favata con lardo, broad bean soup, sausage, lard, cabbage and fennel; in Olbia several seafood dishes, from shell-fish (oysters, mussels and clams) cooked with different sauces to stuffed squid.
In Tempio Pausania you can find: oven-cooked kid, wrapped in lard and sprinkled with chopped bread crumbs, parsley and myrtle; supprissata, vinega- seasoned salami, salt and pepper; frisgioli longhi, long Carnival doughnuts, sprinkled with honey.
Sas copulettas are also typical Gallura sweets: they are similar to meringues, with a filling made of jam, "sapa", honey and almonds. They are covered with frosting and decorated with coloured sugar sparkles.