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Our “trip” starts in the capital city, Cagliari, where there are several buildings and monuments which deserve a visit if you love history and art. It is also worth visiting Cagliari to taste the local traditional dishes. Overlooking the sea, Cagliari offers excellent seafood dishes, and much more!

Starters don’t really belong to Sardinia’s gastronomic tradition, but you can taste a great variety of them in many restaurants. Try bottarga or buttariga, which is also known as “Sardinian Caviar”. It is made with tuna or mullet eggs (mullet is also called “cefalo” in Italy). Other famous dishes are: seafood salad, boiled octopus, crabs, “peis de boi”, boiled beef nerves seasoned with oil, garlic and parsley, burrida, a typical dish from Genoa and, last but not least, fried fish and “mangiatutto”, delicious small fried fish.

For first course we suggest “su mazzamurru”, which is a very simple dish you can also eat in other parts of the Island, and “malloreddus alla Campidanese”. Broad beans are important in Sardinia’s gastronomic tradition, and local people appreciate them very much. In Cagliari, a typical dish made with dried boiled broad beans is “su pisci a collettu”. Sardinians also love snails: in Cagliari try is sizzigorrus and is boveris.

Shellfish and seafood are very popular along the coast. Sea urchins, all kinds of clams, mussels and date mussels are widely appreciated. Almost every restaurant has its specialities: fregula cum cocciula, cocciula a sa schiscionera, bucconis…to name but a few!

Cifrasciu and su Coccoi are typical types of bread from the Campidano area. Cifrasciu is a very large, round, loaf with a crisp crust. It weighs about 1 kilo. There are two different kinds of Su Coccoi (also called Pasta dura). The first one is su Pan’e Scetti, which is made with high quality flour, the second is su Pan’e Simbula, a super-fine bread. Su Coccoi was once eaten only on special occasions, but it has become an ordinary type of bread.