Getting ready to start
A fearless group of cyclists from Italy and other European countries decided to face this bike tour. The only nagging thought amongst the group was, “will we be able to make it to the end?” The answer to this question is, with no doubt, yes; the entire group arrived at the final destination entirely intact and in one piece.

As might well be expected, the support van provided by the organization, was ready on stand-by at any given moment, well loaded with all the necessary provisions for such an adventure. That includes provisions for preparing great scenic picnics, luggage and extra cycle holds, as well as enough seats for
transporting ailing or stranded cyclists, if necessary,
and the whole troop to the hotel for the night.
We gave out the bicycles to the eagerly awaiting participants, who, without a moment of hesitation, took off on the warm-up run through Alghero, the ancient Spanish Aragonese Town, with its narrow winding streets and bulk walk along the scenic city coastline.
The excited group of cyclists, biking their way through the ancient walls of the city, took the local inhabitants by surprise, leaving them in sheer amazement and wonder: these cyclists were crazy enough to think of attempting such an unheard of, if not impossible, tour.

We leave Alghero
The first part of the journey took the cyclists form the ancient town through the rather unique agricultural zone of the Appiu Nuraghe. The western winds behind them enhanced the view significantly and also gave them the necessary push they needed to cycle onwards at an even greater speed. The view overlooking the Gulf of Alghero and Capo Caccia was the ideal spot for a welcomed break, and the opportunity to capture a few precious moments on film.

An unexpected but welcome sight awaited our eyes, under the backdrop of the crystal clear blue sky: the well known and almost extinct griffons glided elegantly in the soft high winds above our heads. As a matter of fact, this is the only area in Italy where these divine creatures can still actually be seen. With this unexpected glimpse of nature’s beauty, we eagerly continued our cycling adventure and headed along the coastal route towards Capo Marargiu.

While attacking the earlier slopes, the eternal silence of the nearby scenes changed into a continuous clutter of gear changes, huffs and puffs, as the group attempted to set their paces for the challenging slopes ahead. Guido, Giovanna & Franco were the serious climbers while Gino, Erica and Domenica were the strollers, who took their time to enjoy the panoramic views at a slow pace. Sometimes, Erica and Domenica would actually push their cycles up the steeper slopes. This is of no importance, because it’s not a race, and when you think about it, this is the best way to enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding us. Bosa, the final destination of the day, was in sight by the early afternoon, and we still found time to dive for a relaxing swim in the hotel’s swimming pool before supper.

Dolce vita,
Last arrangements before departure
The support van

Between Alghero and Bosa