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C.V.C Sailing Courses

The aim of these courses is to teach trainees to sail on the high seas.
There are two types of courses: courses for pleasure craft and courses for trainees who want to race. These latter courses are designed to improve the trainees knowledge of sail racing.
A special course for those who want to learn how to handle sail and motor cabin cruises with confidence is also available.

  • Pleasure craft
    The teaching program consists of three levels:
    1. beginners
    The CVC beginners courses are planned to teach the rudiments of sailing. The CVC teaching method is the result of 30 years experience. In a few days trainees are able to handle a modern sailboat with confidence.
    2. pre cruise
    Pre cruise courses are held on land and sea utilizing sailing boats with cabins and auxiliary engines.
    3. cruise
    This course completes the preparation of trainees in the sailing of cabin cruises in coastal waters and on the high seas.
    1. beginners
    See cruise line
    2. cruise Course
    This is a course for trainees who want to sail boats competitively.
  • Special course
    This is a special course to teach trainees how to handle, with confidence, middle sized sailing boats and cabin cruises.
    This course is for people who have experience of sailing and want to improve their ability to handle cabin cruisers or for those who want to achieve a sailing license.

The essential requirements for admission to CVC courses is: an ability to swim well and to be in good health.

CVC admission minimum age:
– 16 years for beginners courses
– 17 years for pre cruise courses
– 18 years for cruise courses
– 25 years for cabin 1 C beginners courses.

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Enrolment on C.V.C. courses gives trainees membership of the Italian Touring Club, Italian Naval Association and the C.V.C. trainee Association.