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Sardinia can still be considered a true surfers paradise. Its emerald green sea, deserted golden beaches and its relative isolation mean that surfers can discover for themselves that unique place with that unique wave that they can truly call their own.
The following list is merely an introduction, an idea of some of the beaches that we have surfed. These are the better known beaches but there is so much more to discover.

From Cagliari, following the coast in a clockwise direction there is:

  • Su Poettu (CA)
    Where the Cagliaritani hang out. This is a sandy beach with numerous A-frame gaffs, the most frequented of which is parallel to the TWIST bar.

It’s good with E, S-E, S sea storm and sometimes N-E or S-W. Easy waves: 2.5 mt. maximum.

  • Chia (CA) (Pontile, Il Morto, Cala Cipolla, Pipeline, L’Isolotto).
    50 km from Cagliari, taking the SS 195

Good when there is strong N-E winds or strong W winds. Fast turbulent waves. Crystal clear water, sand dunes, a dream setting. Max. 3 m.

  • Porto Pino (CA)
    On the SS195, turn left after 14 km

West wind sometimes strong, beach break.

  • Sant’Antioco (CA).
    It can be reached by Cagliari taking the SS130 to Iglesias, from where you take the SS126 to Carbonia, which will lead you to Sant’Antioco.

On the southern most point of the island there is Turri. Excellent when there is strong wind. Long and often rapid turbulent waves. To the north of the island there is Maresciallo, in the area of Calasetta. Difficult and can be dangerous, but offers rapid starts (to the right). Ideal with W, N-W, wave max. 4 m.

  • Guroneddu (CA).
    Hard to reach, it takes a long walk from the panoramic road from Portopaglia to Portoscuso 

Indonesian quality, left with a turbo start that will have your heart in your mouth. Good when there is no west wind, or with no wind at all. Difficult to reach. You must walk a long distance on the panoramic road from Portopaglia to Portoscuso. Maximum high: they seem smaller then they really are, up to 3 m.

  • Funtanamare (CA)
    The golden beach and sand of the Iglesiente, located 10 km west of Iglesias.

A-frames of good quality. It is a reference point for those who want to go surfing in the area of Iglesiente. Beach break, good with light winds up to 2 m.

  • Masua (CA)
    8 km from Funtanamare, after Nebida

Unbelievably beautiful scenery, arguably the most beautiful in Sardinia. Good with W. Wind. Possibly the only place to go if there are strong Mistral winds. Different crests some hidden behind the inlet. Best waves from left to right, short but very fast. Maximum height: reports of up to 4 m. violent.

  • Buggerru (CA)
    small mining village in the Iglesias area.

Offers many places to surf: il Porto, il Grottino, San Nicolao, Portixeddu. Even with Minstral winds it is possible to surf. The EPSA (European Professional Surfing Association) has held competitions in this area. In Porto it is possible to surf waves over 3 m. It is easy to surf here thanks to the strong current which runs along the quay towards the open sea. Excellent when there is not Minstral winds.

  • Piscinas & Scivu (CA)

Beautiful beach, Costa Verde (Green Coast), deserted apart from high summer, high seas develop rapidly, best when little wind, waves Hossegor type, strong and turbulent. Easy to reach follow signs for Guspini or Arbus.

  • Porto Palma (CA)
    Spot North of Marina di Arbus. Coming from Montevecchio, on the road to Funtanazza turn right towards Torre dei Corsari.

Good when there is not too much wind and the sea is affected by the Minstral winds; waves right to left. Can be surfed when waves are below 2 m.

  • Torre dei Corsari (CA)
    Spot North of Marina di Arbus. Coming from Montevecchio, on the road to Funtanazza turn right towards Torre dei Corsari.

Long sandy beach. Good when there are not high seas.

  • Pistis (CA)
    Spot North of Marina di Arbus. Coming from Montevecchio, on the road to Funtanazza turn right towards Torre dei Corsari.

 Right winds, sometimes gigantic even when there are Minstral winds. A good alternative to Capo Mannu when it is crowded. It is important to have a long board to anticipate Take Off. Starting can be very dangerous.

  • San Giovanni di Sinis (OR)
    Following the signs to Oristano, you get there just before you reach Tharros.

Follow the signs for Oristano and San Giovanni di Sinis just before Tarros. Good when there is a Libeccio wind and the West and Minstral winds are weak. Be careful of the current.

  • Capo Mannu (OR)
    30 km N/O of Oristano

Nationally famous beach. Follow signs for Putzu Idu, after Putzu Idu turn left for Mandriola. When there is a Minstral wind, even when the wind is very strong, good quality waves are guaranteed.  Surfable up to 4 m. Sea bed rocky prevalently right at Capo, right and left at Minicapo.

  • Bosa Marina (NU)
  • La Speranza (Ss)
    8 km south of Alghero.
  • Porto Ferro (Ss)
    Located 18 km N/W of Alghero.
  • L’Argentiera  (Ss)
    North of Porto Ferro. After Porto Palmas turn right for Silver Rock
  • Stintino 
    The spot is 4 km west of Stintino
  • Isola Rossa (SS)
  • Marritza  (SS)
  • Tuarredda  (SS)
  • Tortolì  (Nu)
  • Capo Ferrato (Ca) 
    near the headland which separates Fearxi from Costa Rei
  • Costa Rei (Ca)
  • Sant’Elmo (Ca)
    Leaving from Costa Rei, located along the road to Villasimius
  • L’Oleandro (Ca)
    Leaving from Costa Rei, just before Villasimius
  • Villasimius (Ca), Timi Ama 
  • Villasimius (Ca), Porto Giunco 
  • Villasimius (Ca), Campulongu
  • Solanas (Ca)
    Beautiful sandy beach 35 Km from Cagliari.

Excellent waves which break on the beach when there is a strong east or west wind. When there is a east or grecale wind, force 6/7, on the left near the headland there are very good, fast and turbolent waves. Be careful not to damage your board as the waves are not very high.

  • Torre delle Stelle (Ca)
    Just before Solanas, on the road to Villasimius

This beautiful beach can be seen from the coast road. Good surfing when there is a strong NE-E wind. Sandy sea bed.

  • Racca Point (Ca)
    From Cagliari to Villasimius. Turn right in Via Nettuno, after you pass Is Mortorius, in front of the camping.

One of the most beautiful places in Sardinia. Best when the wind is NE-E force 6/7 and Poetto is not surfable. Very long waves which start in front of the rocky headland and enter the small bay. Max. 2.5 m, rarely higher.

  • Baia Azzurra (Ca)
    From Cagliari to Villasimius. Sandy beach just before Is Mortorius.

Excellent for beginners when Racca Point is crowded. Excellent when there is NE-E force 6/7.

  • Marina di Capitana (Ca)
    At the end of Poetto beach turn right and follow the road for Villasimius, turn right to reach Marina di Capitana.

When conditions at Racca Point are good Marina di Capitana offers stupendious waves which are generally slightly smaller than Racca Point. The waves from the reefs along a headland are so long that it is better to walk back out to the headland than to swim out. Excellent spot to learn or practice the Cut Back technique. When the waves are over 1 and ½ m. there is a strong current that makes reaching the crest difficult.