thalassotherapy  | thalassotherapy in Sardinia  

Thermae del parco is a thalassotherapy center situated in the Forte Village Resort in Santa Margherita di Pula and is surrounded by 26 hectares of Mediterranean shrub. This centere was designed with the help of the professors of Medical Bioclimatology and Natural Medicine of the University of Milan. The centre has the exclusive use of a patented product: Olio di Mare (Sea Oil). The mixture of magnesium chloride and sea water with a very high salt concentration (higher than the Dead Sea) is used to prevent and treat skin diseases such as psoriasis and non pathologic skin affections such as cellulite at its initial stage. Due to the very high density of the water, floating is easy and this favours the rehabilitation in all osteo-articular pathologies.

The Thalasotherapy method
In this Center the Thalassotherapy method consists of immersions in 5 tubs each of which with different characteristics.

  • first Tub
    In this tub there is the Sea Oil. Its temperature is between 30 and 38 degrees. The mixture of magnesium chloride and salt makes floating very easy and osmotic exchanges between the body and the sea water results in the elimination of excess fluids.
  • second tub
    High salt concentration in this tub continues the effect of the first tub and  completes the exchange between the body and the sea. It is also good for osteo-articular therapy.
  • third tub
    30/38 degree sea water and the beneficial effects of the hydro-massage jets complete the hydrotherapy treatment.
  • fourth tub
    Along with the therapeutic effect of the water and further hydro-massages, this tub has beneficial effects on the vascular system due to the relatively low temperature of the water (26/30 degrees)
  •  fifth tub
    This is the last tub. The water temperature is 20 degrees and the current from the large pool gently pushes you towards the various hydromassages which are located in charming small caves.

The treatment ends in the sauna or the Turkish bath in the health center. 

Not only thalassotherapy
Personalized beauty treatments, Oriental and Occidental massages, special diets or ultramodern gym with the last generation of computerized equipment from Technogym are also available at Thermae del Parco.