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Nuoro, Mereu street 56-tel.0784/35561.

Opening timetable:  winter 9-13, 15-19 (closed on Sunday afternoon and monday), Palm-Sunday-20 October (also festive days), 15 Giugno-30 September, continued timetable.

The collection:  the Museum collects dresses and typical objects of the Sardinian life and handicraft.

They are kept the traditional dresses that come from various countries, above all from the countries of the Barbagia: the polychrome dress-material, the cut and the fine embroiderys characterize originally the traditional dress of every country.

The carpets, the blankets, the material that cover the chestes, the saddlebags testify the various techniques of webbing.

An other remarkable section is that one dedicated to the jeweller’s art:  buttons, brooches, necklaces, gold-straps, earrings, reliquaries, amulets.

The collection includes also a series of traditional breads and cakies, chairs and chestes decorated at carving, baskets made with various materials, wind instruments in swampy cane, a series of objects of daily use like stamps for the bread, glasses of bone and horn, water-bottles of pumpkin.

It is also really interesting the series of the traditional masks of the carnival of Barbagia.