Photo by Piero Rinaldi

What:nuragical complex of Palmavera.
Province:  Sassari.
Sub-region:  Nurra.
Commune:  Alghero.

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To arrive:  it is 10 km away from Alghero:  leaving the city, along the road to Porto Conte (statal road  127 bis), to the km  32.5, on the right.

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The nuragical complex Palmavera goes back to the XIII  century b.C.:  the structure is formed from one more ancient tower,from a second one, from a building town-walls and from another one before with four tower-huts to the apexes.  Around there is the village of huts ( about fifty ), among those, that one of the reunions, that preserves in  the center a little model of nuraghe, that had got  probably a faith function.  

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