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The production of this field is the most diffuse and important for variety and artistic quality:  carpets, blankets, shawls and tapestries, curtains and  pillows, in wool, cotton  or really fine linen are still made on enormous horizontal or vertical hand looms of wood of oak. The original ancient themes reproduce on the fabric typical colors and drawings of every zone; they are still used natural colors that are obtained from infusions of grass, berries, roots, but also from minerals and coloring loams. 

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The clothes of Nule, a country in province of Sassari.
The production of Nule, with blazing themes  and bright colors, red, blue, green that remember African-Eastern designs, has got like its distinctive mark that one to use  a vertical hand loom for the plain weaving.  

             Craftsmen at Nule: 
               – Coop. Madonna of Rimedio (I.S.O.L.A.) –
               –  Crabolu Textiles  – Cagliari street 6.

  • The clothes of Mogoro, a country in province of Oristano.
    The production of Mogoro distinguishes itself for the experimentation in the colors, the shapes and the techniques; the weaving varies according to the clothe and the theme and it can be or varous in the tapestries. 


                               Craftsmen at Mogoro:  
                                – Su Trobasciu co-operative society Center ilot I.S.O.L.A.)  
                                  – Piras Giuseppina -Nuova street 23