The sea, the cliffs,the woods;  the limestone towers, the rocky coasts, the woods of the Gennargentu, the large beaches, the bewitched holds, the ancient traditions.

The Ogliastra is a sharp and poetic earth at the same time, that only from a little time aims to the tourism: here it is still possible to travel to the discovery of the Sardinia.

Many are the reasons of callback in a zone in which they are arranged, without dissonances, the reality of the mountain inland with the coastal reality.

The visitor has to own disposition landscapes and natural atmospheres of rare beauty and strongly attractive.

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  • to arrive
    Coming from the north of the island, along the statal road 125, you will cross the Supramonte and, more distant towards the west, you will notice the Gennargentu.

    If you arrive from Nuoro, covering the statal road 389, you will cross the  oriental versant of the Gennargentu between the   mounts of Villagrande and Talana.

    If you arrive from the South-Sardinia, you will cover  the statal road 125:  exceeded the jump of Quirra, you will notice more over there, in the territory of Jerzu, the Arbo Mount that stands out, nearly to precede them, on the characteristic ” heels ” of the  southern center Ogliastra . 

  • To sleep (Italian)
    Residence Mare Azzurro ; Residence Cardedu 2