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Realized in little years with an amazing speed and an efficiency, they often caught up towns who were often dipped in the isolation from centuries;   they crossed inner and remote zones, with a tortuous way that adapted itself to the surrounding nature at all.

Still today the architecture of the bridges and the stations is of nineteenth-century and Spartan relish, and the cliff on the great rocks of the mounts has been cut just the a lot to let pass the train.

The discovering of the train like a tourist means and the birth of the railway tourism have stopped in these last years the decrease of the passengers. Some of the suppressed ways have been in part used again for tourist aim, at example like distance for bikes; others, already suppressed, have been restored, like the Tresnuraghes- Bosa Marina.   

Some tracts of the 4 remained lines have been today used like distances for the “Trenino Verde”.