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edited by Gianluigi Sassu
the photos have been kindly granted from the FdS(official statal railway company).

The “Trenino Verde”( Green Little Train) is the tourist service offered from the Railway Companies of the Sardinia.  The name was given in first eighties years from the WWF to an initiative that was born on the wave of the new tourist discovery of the train.
The “Trenino” travels into places in which the nature is still intact, it crosses forests and laps lakes and coasts among ancient monuments.On the ways of the Trenino they can find some masterpieces of  railway architecture, examples of harmony between technology and nature. You will be able to travel on elegant carriages of ancient age and  to arrive in a railway station of the end of the 1800’s in an atmosphere suspended in the time, the same one atmosphere that astonished the writer David H. Lawrence in 1921:  ” It is a strange railway that runs through the hills and down through the valleys around unexpected curves, with the maximum carelessness… “.  

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