Not only hamburger and fried chieps: it is possible to eat well and quickly also in other ways in Cagliari.
There are the classics fast food, like in every part of the world. There are the “pizzetterie”, where you will be able to taste the little pizza (“pizzetta”), that it is usual to acquire and to eat on the street while you are walking.
The “pizzetterie” are always opened for all the day and some also until late night.
There are the bakeries:  many prepare savoury and rich cakes with onions, potatoes, eggplants or simply with olive-oil. You will find the immenser choice of cakes at the morning, in proximity of the lunch-hour.

Bars, Caffè and Beer-houses propose salad and sandwiches in many cases and sometimes also warm courses In the city you will found also creperies, “kebaberie” and others .


“La Cantina”
in the quarter of Marina,
near Roma street Mille 3 street
see the photos of the pub -sandwiches’pub, beer-house, “pizzetteria”-
The ideal place for a fast meal in the morning or in the evening, the pub is really particular one for the ancient dome vaults with bricks in sight.  ” SP goes there always: go there by us ”
They are optimal the sandwiches and there is a large choice of drinks and beers.
timetables:  11-15;  17-23
closed on Sunday
average price of a sandwich 4000 £ 

“Pizzetta d’ Oro”
Pineta 29 street near Monte Urpinu
-round “pizzette”- the pizza is the same one of the classic “pizzerie” but it is smaller: you have to buy the pizza and to eat while walking.
Many sorts of savoury pizza 
timetables:  from the 18.30 
closed on monday
pizzetta price: 2000-2500 £  

Federico Nansen
Vittorio Emanuele 320 avenue
He will be opened alll the summer: we advice it to all the tourists, go there by our name
– Roman pizza-
The pizza is that one that it is typically made in Rome, crushed and long;
you have to buy and than to eat in pieces.
Many sorts, we advise that one with “pesto” and tomatoes
timetables:  from the 18.30 in then
closed on monday 
piece cost:  2000 £ 

 “Pizza’ 74”
in the quarter of S. Benedetto
near Piazza Repubblica,  Dante 74 street
– little pizza (“pizza al taglio”)-
historical pizzetteria of Cagliari that exists nearly from thirty years;
only two sorts of savoury pizza:  “mozzarella” and tomato or capers and anchovies.
Immense choice of drinks and beers in bottle
timetables:  9-14;  17-late night
closed on Sunday
a pizzetta coast 2000 £