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The great number of olive trees in this area (in Italian – “olivastri”) probably gave origin to the name Ogliastra. (Photo on the right: pinnacles at Goloroitze’, M.Vacca)

Geographic position
Ogliastra is located on the eastern coast of Sardinia, in the Province of Nuoro.
Ogliastra is bounded by “le Baronie” to the north, Nuoro to the Northwest, Barbagia to the west, and Sarrabus to the south. The eastern part of Ogliastra borders on the Tirrenian Sea, and there is a coastline which stretches for 104km.
Approaching Ogliastra from the sea, into the port of Arbatax, you will see the area open up like a huge amphitheatre, gradually descending to the sea from the mountains behind.

Some statistics 

  • population: approx. 60,000
  • area: 1,855 km²
  • economy: sheep breeding, tourism, vineyards and wine making, handicrafts.