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  • The “Roccia dell’Orso” (Bear Rock) – Palau
    Leave Palau, on the road to the port, move East, after 5 km you reach a nice headland, the “roccia dell’Orso”: it was mentioned by Tolomeo, it is large granite natural monument, shaped like a bear looking towards the sea.
  • Agriturismi – Farms
    Stazzi are today used as agriturismo and are ideal for those who love nature, traditions and good food.
    There are two we suggest: “Il Muto di Gallura” and “L’Agnata”, the famous agriturismo owned by Fabrizio De André, in Tempio Pausania.
  • Vermentino di Gallura
    White wine, very good served cold, ideal with fish, one of the best products of Sardinian oenology. The first wine to obtain the “Denominazione di Origine Controllata” and the “Denominazione Garantita”. Straw-coloured, dry, it is good with seafood, but can also be served cold as an aperitif.
  • “Sas Tiliccas”
    Typical Logudoro and Gallura sweets.
    They consist of a flour pastry, kneaded with lard, with a sinuous shape, filled with honey, almonds, nuts and sapa. They were once prepared on important occasions.
  • “Sa suppa cuatta”
    Typical Gallura soup: it is made with bran-bread soaked in sheep broth, covered with fresh pecorino cheese and tomato sauce, all cooked in the oven. 
  • Gallura on the train
    The route connect different towns, from Gallura to Anglona (another Sassari region).
    You will discover the unique Gallura landscape.
  • The Petrified Forest in Carucana (Martis)
    If you decide to take the train, stop in Martis; there are the remains of an ancient forest, dating to the Miocene, on the bottom of a lake.
  • Garibaldi’s Museum in Caprera
    The home, the land and tomb of the National Hero.
    The island of Caprera, connected to La Maddalena by means of a long bridge, houses the Museo Garibaldino. The buildings, including the famous “Casa Bianca” (White House), are set in a beautiful natural environment and were a home to Giuseppe Garibaldi from 1854 to 1882, when he died.
  • The Maddalena Archipelago
    A marine paradise near Corsica.
    The Arcipelago of La Maddalena is located along the north-western coast of the island.
    It consists of two main islands, La Maddalena e Caprera, and five smaller ones, Razzoli, Budelli, Santa Maria, Spargi and Santo Stefano, plus many small reefs and islands to discover. It is a nature reserve.
  • The Romanesque Church of San Simplicio in Olbia
    A medieval jewel.
    A nice grey granite building dating from the XI-XIII century; it was built in three separate phases. Its façade is divided into three parts by pilasters and it has a tower bell which was built later on. There are some small Romanesque arches along the sides and on the apse, resting on pilasters. Inside, the three naves are separated by arches with columns and pilasters.