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not more than half an hour from the beaches


  • Tomb of the Giants in Coddu ‘ecchiu
    In the countryside near Arzachena, among pastures and vineyards, the well preserved outline of the tomb of the Giants of Coddu ‘ecchiu can be seen.
    It is an important funerary monument, dating from the Ancient Bronze Age (1800 B.C.), with a 4-meter-high stele and a semi-circular exedra, made of large slabs driven into the ground, in front of the gallery-grave, also made of slabs;
  • Li Muri Necropolis
    The Necropolis of Li Muri, dating from 3500 B.C., is located in the countryside, along the provincial road to Bassacutena.
    It consists of megalithic circles, made of granite slabs driven into the ground and placed in concentric circles to protect the tombs in the centre. On the outside, there are small stone boxes, which were used to collect food donations or sacrifice remains;
  • Tomb of the Giants in Li Muri (or Li Loghi)
    Nearby is the beautiful tomb of the Giants of Li Muri (or Li Loghi).
    This tomb (1800 B.C.) has a superbly preserved large exedra and a high arched stele, which make it similar to the Coddu ‘ecchiu tomb;
  • Albucciu Nuraghe
    After leaving the centre of Arzachena, take the SS 125 towards Olbia. After a few kilometres, on the right side there is Albucciu Nuraghe. This nuraghe, dating from 1220 B.C., has a peculiar shape because it was built on a pre-existent granite rock;
  • Small Nuraghic temple in Malchittu
    On the opposite side of the road to Albucciu Nuraghe, there is an unpaved road which leads to the Small Nuragic Temple of Malchittu. During the nuragic period it was a worship place: it is ellipsoid-shaped and has a central altar inside.


  • “The Arzachena Mushroom”
    The so called “mushroom” is on top of the hill overlooking Arzachena, a large rock, shaped by the wind and rain;
  • Saloni Ponds
    Rio San Giovanni, a river which flows into the Arzachena bay, gives origin to some small ponds and islands. It is a natural area including the Saloni lakes and the Cannigione pond.
    Water expanses and small islands covered with black canes and tamarisks, willows and water canes, reed-maces and arrowheads. 136 bird species nest here, among which red herons, duck-hawks and sultans.
  • “Monti Moru”
    taking the road from Arzachena to Porto Cervo, after a dozen km on the left there is a dirt road leading to the top of Monti Moru.
    The route is worthwhile; from the top you can enjoy a beautiful view.


  • Naval Museum “Nino Lamboglia”
    >La Maddalena, loc. Mongiardino (Strada Panoramica), tel. 0789 790660
    Near the town, the museum exhibits several underwater finds from the Archipelago of La Maddalena.
    Open: every day except Monday, from 8 to 14 (in summer the schedule may change). Guided visits available.
    La Maddalena is connected to Costa Smeralda by ferries which leave from Palau, every half an hour.