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not more than half an hour from the beaches


  • Vineyards and orchards 
    on the Sulcitana road, a few km before Domus de Maria, at km 44,5 a road on the left leads to the panoramic Costa del Sud road.
    The road passes through vineyards, gardens and orchards where big fig trees shade small white-washed houses.
    During the summer, the main road becomes a big open air fruit market where people from the area compete to exhibit their best fruit and vegetables. We suggest you try the local figs, which are said to be the best in Sardinia.
    We suggest you taste local figs, they are said to be the best in Sardinia.
  • The Chia Dunes
    the inland near the coast is characterised by sand dunes: large sand banks shaped by the mistral wind which carries the scent of junipers and lentisk.
  • The Is Cannoneris Forest
    leaving the road leading from Pula toDomus de Maria, after you cross the town, in less than half an hour you reach the Is Cannoneris forest, an enchanting holm-oak, chestnut and strawberry-tree forest in a preserved, wide landscape.

    A restocking Centre for Sardinian deer is located in the Is Cannoneris forest, along with a picnic area from where you can reach the walls of Calamixi.


  • The Nuragic complex of Baccu Idda
    a structure made of at least three towers, partky hidden by the thick vegetation
  • Rock shelter in Monte Maria, dating back to the 3rd millennium B.C.
  • The ruins of Bithia (moon, in the Semitic language)
    bear witness to the most important Phoenician-Punic settlement in the area. There is a sanctuary on the island of Su Cardolinu.
  • Sacred area of Punta Su Sensu
    where several betili, sacred stones considered magic by the Nuragic people, have been found.


  • Coins
    In Domus de Maria there is an exhibit of approx. 600 Punic, Roman, Byzantine and medieval coins.
  • Archaeological exhibit
    Domus de Maria, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 070 9236010 (Town Hall)
    The archaeological exhibit on the ancient Phoenician-Punic town, in the “Sala Mostre Temporanee”, houses funerary sets from some Phoenician, Punic and Roman tombs, found during excavations in the 60’s, along with a votive hole in the Temple of Bes.