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Located 2 km. south of Chia, 300 m. left of Porto Campana Beach.

How to get there 
Take the road which leads from the SS 195 to Chia and the coastal area of Teulada. After approx. 2 km, after you pass the stalls which sell fruit (good-quality local produce), you reach “Bar Mongittu”.
Proceed along the main road. After a few hundred metres, at the Chia Laguna Hotel, there is a cross-roads: some signs lead to the main beaches, on the left. Follow this small road for approx. 400 m. You will find another crossroads, turn left again. At the end of the unpaved road you enter a paid parking area; remember that in Chia there are very few free parking areas and policemen are severe.
From here, on your left, folow a short path leading to the enchanting Spiaggetta del Morto through Mediterranean shrub and junipers; the beach seems to owe its name to an old cross set between the rocks. You will reach the bay from the top, so enjoy the view.

The Spiaggia del Morto is a small bay surrounded by a partly hilly granite wall, rich in vegetation (junipers, lentisks, rockroses): the presence of these plants protects the beach from the mistral wind blowing from the north, rare in Chia.
On the sides, rocks form very small sandy bends on the slope of the headland.
The sand is golden and granular, the water is emerald-green, with reflections from the sun and sand, the rocks are shaped by the wind and have different colours: all these features make the landscape enchanting.
There are no facilities.

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