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Located 1,8 km south of Chia, on the left of Porticciolo Beach.

How to get there
From Chia, just after the Mirage restaurant and before the bar tobacconist, turn left. Cross the small bridge and continue for about 900 m. When you reach a little eucalyptus woods, take the climbing dirt road. Be careful: this road is in bad conditions. After about 800 m., park your car. Be careful: the dunes extend as far as the road and you could get stuck in the sand. The view from this point is breathtaking. You can see the Porticciolo and Colonia beaches in all their beauty. Walk along the path which passes between dunes and junipers down to the small beach of Su Cardulinu Island.  
Otherwise, after you pass Mongittu Bar turn left and follow the road to the Chia Tower.
After approx. 1 km you reach Porticciolo Beach underneath the headland. From here, taking a walk on the reef which marks the limits of the beach beneath on the left, you will reach Su Cardulinu beach.

From the Tower, you can reach the small island of Su Cardolinu, moving on the rref towards east, where you can see the ruins of the Punic Tophet of the ancient town of Bithia.
The island is linked to the mainland by a sand strip and it gently slopes down to the sea.
The gold sandy beach, set at the end of a large reef, yellowish in colour, is enclosed by thick vegetation, which characterises this wild and unpolluted area. 

No facilities on the beach. Camping, bars, restaurant and pizzeria are nearby, at Porticciolo Beach.

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