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  • where: province of Cagliari, in the town limits of Domusdemaria.
  • position: located on the southern coast of Sardinia, between Guardia de Is Morus (North) and Capo Spartivento. Cap Serrat and Africa are only 189 km from here.
  • length: about 9 km.
  • coastal towns: Chia (it is not a separate municipality)

The area 
The Chia area, located on the south-western tip of Sardinia, is outstanding due to its harmonious synthesis of nature and archaeology.

The coast stretches for approx. 9 km, from the Santa Margherita pinewoods on the north to Capo Spartivento on the south.
Chia is a beautiful coastal area, famous for its beaches and wonderful sand dunes, but also for the ruins of the town of Bithia, which bear witness to the Phoenician-Punic presence in the area.

The countryside behind the coast has been totally transformed by man: vineyards, gardens and orchards, small roads leading to small white houses shaded by enormous fig trees.

Inland, one of the most beautiful areas in Sardinia, among mountains and granite rocks, is the Is Cannoneris Nature Reserve, one of the largest on the Island.

From the Chia Tower headland, through the ponds and the ancient ruins of Bithia, towards the Capo Spartivento reef and the port at Teulada, a series of beautiful sandy beaches, emerald-coloured, dunes, inlets, islands and bays.

A Caribbean landscape which contrasts with the mountains of Domus de Maria, the small town crossed by the Rio Mannu, a river with luxuriant oleanders growong  on its banks.

To the north, beyond the river, low hills rise towards wooded mountains, where you can see Sardinian deer and wild boars; the forest is mainly characterised by holm oaks, Mediterranean plants and arboreal heather.

Archaeology in the Chia area