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Between the beaches of Costa Rei and S. Giusta

How to get there
Take the SP 18, you will find a crossroads at km 15, soon after Sant’Elmo Beach: both directions lead to Costa Rei.  There are two ways to reach the beach:

  • At the crossroads turn right; move along that road for about km 3,9, following the road sign towards “Camping Capo Ferrato”. Turn right and continue for about 100 metres on an unpaved road; you can park near the sandy shore. You can go directly to the beach. The cliff is on your right: it is visible and can be reached by foot in 10 minutes.
  • Turn right at the crossroads; continue along that road for about 1,9/2 km. Turn right again after the fence, which borders the avenue. You will find a road sign there, indicating “the beach of S. Giusta”, “Scoglio di Peppino”; this one is visible if you come from Costa Rei only. You can park there; take the lane, which leads to the beach, then turn left, and take the small path that borders the headland. You will reach the cliff after 15/20 minutes. This track is slightly more complex than the first one.

The Costa Rei tourist settlement stretches for about 8 km. along the beach: it is made up of private houses, apartment houses and villages. You can reach the sandy shore through several crosstreets of Via Ichnusa (a street in the core of the town).

The Costa Rei coast is about km 8 long and is made of golden sand. In the southern part of the wide littoral rises the Peppino’s Cliff: it stands in the area bordering the beach of S.Giusta, in front of the homonymous headland. This broad granite pale gray cliff can be easily reached by foot and is a panoramic spot. The front side of the cliff slopes down towards the sea and then, rising over the level of the sea, forms some small pools. The presence of burnished cliffs all around makes the landscape even more evocative and varied.

There are wooden footbridges to allow the access to the disabled. You can hire rubber dinghies, canoes, pedal boats, beach umbrellas and deck-chairs. There are also kiosks selling drinks, sandwiches, ice creams and main courses. 

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