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  • where: in the province of Cagliari, communes of Muravera, Villaputzu, Castiadas
  • geographical position: south-east coast of Sardinia  
  • its villages

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The area

Costa Rei is certainly the most famous site in the broad territory of Muravera and Castiadas, thanks to the series of beaches and picturesque small bays along wide sandy expanses; the fresh and sweet-smelling Mediterranean plants stretch behind them. 
Tourist settlements have been built near farmhouses and sheepfolds in the last decades: they have changed the wild landscape of the area, but on the other hand have introduced comforts which didn’t exist before.
Castiadas, commune from 1985, is made up of the villages of Olia Speciosa, Camisa, Annunziata and Buddui. In the surroundings the Monte Nai Punic remains (VIth-Vth centuries B.C.) are worth a visit.
Muravera is a big village already visited in the prenuraghic age.
In the surroundings the Piscina Rei megalithic buildings and the numerous nuraghe are woith a visit, among which it those of Figu Niedda, Scalas and Sa Domu ‘e s’Orcu.
In the village the Gothic-Aragonese parish church of San Nicola deserves to be mentioned.
The area satisfies lovers of both long sandy beaches and cliffs and rocks. The coast from Capo Ferrato to Cala Sinzias is interrupted by beautiful beaches and charming small bays- multicoloured pearls among the golden sandy expanse and the shadowy plants, which sometimes reach the sea.

Its Nature
The strip of territory before Costa Rei is a drained area, which is especially used for agriculture. The pond of Colostrai stands close to the beaches, near the small country ward of San Priamo: it is a damp area of great naturalistic interest, which has a varied avifauna (flamingos, egrets, herons and stilt-birds).
Northwards you reach the Capo Ferrato headland: it is an evocative spur, made of dark volcanic rocks, which suddenly emerges from the sea between two long stretches of sandy and low coast. The pool of Feraxi stands near Capo Ferrato: it also has been declared a protected oasis, due to its numerous faunistic species.
The forest of Acqua Callenti in the territory of Castiadas deserves to be mentioned, in the heart of the Sette Fratelli Park: it is a wide and thick ilex grove, which stretches into the Monte Minniminni area. That area gives hospitality to many protected species, among which the Sardinian deer.