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  • Handicraft-knives of Guspini and Arbus
    They are beautiful objects, very much appreciated by collectors.
    Sa Guspinesa, a classic and cut knife and s’Arburesa, are two splendid clasp knives, which are the pride of insular handicraft-cutlery, along with pattadesa. The knife was used by shepherds and was also one of Montevecchio’s miners’ most useful objects: they used the Guspinesa tronca, to eat and cut bread and cheese during the rare pauses.
  • Piscinas beach
    Sardinia’s desert. The beach is surrounded by very high dunes for more than three square kilometres. The beach, which is 6 km long, is almost deserted, even in summertime. There is a only one building: the hotel “Le Dune”, which is a renovated industrial structure, which stands perfectly inside the surrounding environment.
  • Deserted mines and the little villages of Montevecchio and Ingurtosu
    The mine structures and the villages are completely surrounded by vegetation.
    The small villages stand inside a metalliferous complex, which was one of the most productive ones in Europe up to some decades ago. The nineteenth-century plants are very beautiful and stand in a splendid natural environment. You should visit the small palaces of Gennas, with the beautiful head office palace, the wells of Piccalinna and Sant’Antonio in Montevecchio and Lord Brassey’s washery and its head office in Ingurtosu.
  • The view you can enjoy from the Mount Arcuentu
    It is very hard to reach the top, but once you are there you can admire the territory as far as Piscinas and its coastal deserts. You shouldn’t miss it.
  • The frescos in the Montevecchio head office
    They date back to the last century and have been recently restored. They have been also immortalized in a scene of the movie “Bàkunin’s son”. The so-called “Sala Blu” (Blue Room) is beautiful.
  • The coastal road from Marina di Arbus to Piscinas
    The road is almost completely paved and you can drive in front of a fantastic sea for about 8 km.
  • Farm holidays in the area of Guspini
    There are several and economic farm holidays, which offer excellent service and delicious specialities.
  • Montevecchio woods
    The very green tangle of vegetation is a corner of forest inside western Sardinia.
  • The sky at at night in Montevecchio
    The sky is almost always clean during summer nights: a curious observer can admire stars and planets never seen before, in great numbers.
  • Scivu beach
    It is the pearl of this area. A prehsitoric corner in the XXI century: crystal-clear water and overhanging rocks. Wonderful.