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about 16 km west of Montevecchio


How to get there
You reach Montevecchio after 10 km. from Guspini. Once you reach the small village, there is a road sign on your right towards “Costa Verde”. Turn left, go around a small hill and you will come to a crossroads: there is a road sign on your right towards “Piscinas”. After 16.5 km along a road, which is in very bad conditions in some parts, you will reach the beach of Piscinas.
You can reach it along Costa Verde too: turn right at the above road sign. Turn left, after 15 km on a paved but winding road towards Marina di Arbus.
The beautiful coastal-road starts there and ends after about km. 8, where an unpaved road begins, which is not always smooth.
You will find a crossroads after about 2 km: on the left you go towards Ingurtosu, while turning  right, you come to the parking area of Piscinas beach after about 700 m. The sea is about a few hundred metres away.

It is a unique locality: the beach is surrounded for more than 3 square kilometres by very high dunes, with junipers and very old wild olive bushes. This is an intact ecosystem and thorny carrots, eryngium and sea-lilies grow there.

Walking along the beach in the early morning (the best part of the day for doing so) you can easily catch sight of some deers, which sometimes venture to the sea. Turtles come and lay eggs there in June: don’t disturb them!

Costa Verde is one of the favourite places for surfers: some days, especially during the winter, are characterized by high and long waves, a real dream for surfers.
The Costa Verde sea is the typical sea of western Sardinia: very wild and rarely calm. You should pay attention when the sea is rough.

Experts should swim for about 200 m and admire an English boat, which has been laying on the sand, with its load of lead and a cannon, for about 200 years.

Parking area (guarded and free parking area), hotel, restaurant and a kiosk.