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  • The cave of “Su Marmuri”, Ulassai
    There is a living grotto, standing among calcareous chocks, deep gorges and steep rocks: it is 850 m long, rich in small lakes, chasms and beautiful concretions.
    It stands in the calcareous massif, upstream from the town. You can reach it from the town, along a very evocative path.
    It is a sight in the heart of the territory of Ogliastra that you shouldn’t miss!
  • Supramonte
    It is a calcareous, boundless and clean massif, which stretches from the Nuoro inland to the cliffs of the Gulf of Orosei.
    It is rich in karst phenomena, sinkholes and ravines, chasms and very deep canyons. Supramonte is famous also for the Gorropu gorge, which is the deepest Italian canyon and perhaps the deepest European one, and for the Golgo chasm, or “Su Sterru”, which is a sinkhole 294 metres deep.
  • The town of Gairo Vecchia
    It is a real phantom city, which was deserted because of landslips caused by heavy autumn rainfalls in 1951and 1953. It is a particularly suggestive village.
  • The shepherds’ “pinnettas”
    The area of Supramonte is spangled with “pinnetas”, grey-white stone buildings, which were dry-walled and covered with tree trunks and branches of junipers.
  • Creeks, “codulas” and pinnacles
    You can go from Supramonte to the very beautiful creeks of the Gulf, (Goloritzé, Mariolu, Biriola, Sisine and Ilune), along the “codulas”, narrow valleys, which are crossed by low streams.
    The coastal cliffs and the pinnacles overlooking them are beautiful; the pinnacle of P.ta Caroddi  (Caroddi Peak) in the Goloritzè creek is particularly spectacular, as well as the imposing cliff of Pedralonga.
  • The Cannonau wine
    It is the most famous species of Sardinian vine and was celebrated by Gabriele D’Annunzio. Its ideal habitat is the Ogliastra area, although you can find it throughout the whole Sardinian territory.
    Cannonau is a D.O.C. wine (controlled denomination of origin). A dry, rich, soft tasted wine, which can be red, white or rosè.
  • The”Culurgiones” of Ogliastra
    It is typical regional pasta: they are a sort of raviolis, prepared with sheet of pasta dough, which is filled with fresh sheep cheese. They can be enriched with beetroot or meat, onion or potatoes.
    You can season them with tomato sauce or more simply with olive oil and Sardinian Pecorino.
  • The ham from Talana and Villagrande
    It is always on the tables of typical food lovers: it is a sweet starter to be served with a good Cannonau and with slices of “pane carasau”, the typical Sardinian bread.
  • “Su casu ajedu”
    Shepherds’ generally ate it with bread.
    The sheep and goat’s milk was put in a cork oak vessel and couldn’t be eaten before 48 hours.
    It is a light and refreshing cheese: it is difficult to find it in zootechnics companies; you can perhaps try it c/o some local farmer.
  • The linen blankets of Barisardo
    There is a prestigious textile manufacture in Barì: among handicraft-manufactured products, curtains, linen cushions, but especially linen blankets (manufactured with the prestigious “a pibiones”, in grains technique) deserve to be mentioned.