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  • where: in the province of Nuoro
  • position: Eastern coast of Sardinia, between Sarrabus and the Baronie 
  • coastal length: about 104 km
  • towns near the sea: Arbatax, small outlying ward of Tortolì, S. Maria Navarrese  

The Area

The many oleasters, which characterize the area are perhaps the origin of the name “Ogliastra “.
The sea, the rocks, the limestone towers, the cliffs, the Gennargentu woods, the boundless beaches, the charming coves, the old traditions.

It stands on the eastern Sardinian coast, in the province of Nuoro: it borders the Baronie in the north, the province of Nuoro in the northwest, Barbagia in the west and Sarrabus in the south. It is delimited by the Tyrrheanian Sea at the east and its coast is approx. 104 km long.

Arriving to the port of Arbatax from the sea, it looks like a wide amphitheatre, which slopes gently down from the mountains to the coast.

Its nature

Ogliastra is a rich and uncontaminated territory, which offers a unique view thanks to the sea washing it and the mountains standing out.
The mountain inland and the coast merge without dissonance: from low hills to the steep mountains in Supramonte and Gennargentu.

There is a whole world behind the sea: it is a colourful lively world, which is sketched on the Supramonte ridges and gorges. It is a “planet” spangled with holm oaks and solitary junipers, majestic yews, where moufflons and wild boars live.

Then, the Gennargentu meadows and woodland areas, which are covered with old yews, oaks and commom oaks, with bushes of cistus and jasmin boxes, with peonies, wild roses and gentians.

Golden eagles, goshawks, sparrow hawks, buzzards, hawks and jays fly there; marten cats, foxes, dormice and weasels take shelter there.