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if you come to Sardinia by car, be conscious that there are no motorways. The S.S. 131 Carlo Felice is a four-lane road; it  is the largest road and connects the four province capitals.

By car

  • From Cagliari: S.S. 195 (Sulcitana)
  • From Olbia: reach Codrongianus (National Roads N.199 and 597) and go on to Cagliari (taking the S.S. 131). Take the S.S. 195 from Cagliari (Sulcitana)
  • From Alghero: reach Sassari (S.S. 127 bis) and go on to Cagliari along the S.S. 131. Take the S.S. 195 (Sulcitana) from Cagliari.
  • From Porto Torres: reach Cagliari along the S.S. 131. From there go on along the S.S. 195 (Sulcitana)

By Bus (ARST – Sardinian Regional Company of Transport)

  • Info and timetable
    ARST – Cagliari: Tel 0704098222; 0704098324; free number 800865042
    Tickets can be bought on board but are cheaper if you buy them before.

The S.S. 195- Sulcitana
The 195 Sulcitana Main Road from Cagliari is a good road as far as Giorgino. From there on, for a long stretch, it becomes a two-lane road. After Torre degli Ulivi the four-lane road starts again as far as Moratti Village, then it becomes a two-lane road again.
Be careful: do not speed even if the road is straight, it passes through villages.
Be careful: in the summer, especially during the weekends and on the 15th of  August, there can be traffic jams.
Early morning is the best time to drive.