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  • where: in the province Cagliari, about 30 km away
  • Geographical position: South-western coast of Sardinia
  • Coastal length: about 15 km
  • Towns near the sea: Pula

The area
The territory of the Pula (6.500 inhabitants) stretches for about 138,2 sqm. The coast is 20 km long and there are about 7000 hectares of forests.
The area is characterized by mountains sweetly sloping down towards the coast and by a thin fertile flat line, which stands among them and is rich in resources.
There is a real natural Paradise at about half an hour from Cagliari. It is enriched by special artistic and archaeological elements: Nora with its Spanish towers and its churches.
The coastal area is equipped with modern and efficient tourist structures, especially the part from Santa Margherita to Nora.

Its Nature
In the Pula area the whiteness of the sand and the blue sea are in contrast with the green mountain woods of the Sulcis Park: this is a peculiar union of sea and mountains.
The headlands overlooking the bays resemble the rocky ridges preceding the mountainous summits.

Several fishing species live in the sea. The Sardinian deer, the fallow deer, the red woodpecker, the raven, the buzzard and the golden eagle live freely in the inland, which is rich in holm-oaks, chestnut trees and Mediterranean plants.

Moreover, southwards there are some pearls irradiated by the sun: the marvellous beaches of  Santa Margherita. It is a magic landscape, characterised by very faint gusts of wind, very thin sand, clear and turquoise waters, which reflect a sky of the same colour.