Alghero is surrounded by natural beauties. There are beautiful beaches, cliffs, caves, islands, ponds and Lago Baratz, the only small natural lake in Sardinia.

Capo Caccia is a beautiful calcareous sheer cliff.

Above Capo Caccia, towards the north-west, there is the island of Foradada, a beautiful rock formation in front of the Cave of Nettuno.

The Cave of Nettuno, famous not only in Sardinia, is one of the most beautiful caves on the Island.

The beaches of Le Bombarde are located among the rocks, a few kilometres from the city centre.

The wild vegetation that grows along the coast, between Alghero and the peninsula of Capo Caccia, is difficult to find in other parts in Sardinia. Palmets and “Centaurea Orrida” are the two species which characterise the coastal vegetation.

The pond of Calich and the lake of Baratz are two wet land areas which are home to various species of wild birds. Due to its fauna, flora and coast, the whole area from Alghero to Porticciolo has become the Porto Conte Regional Park.

Man has also contributed to the beauty of the countryside surrounding Alghero.
The vineyards and olive groves have a special kind of beauty.