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  • Nuraghe Palmavera 
    close to Alghero (SS); megalithic towers dating from the XIII century B.C.
  • Santa Cristina 
    important archeological area dating from the nuragic period, with a well temple, a nuraghe and a nuragic village.
  • Tiscali village 
    nuragic village built inside a majestic dolina, dating back to the end of the Nuragic period (IV century B.C.).
  • Nuraghe Santu Antine
     One of the most imposing nuraghi in Sardinia, dating from the Bronze Age (1500 BC) but still in use in the Roman period.
  • Nuraghe Mereu 
    In the Nuoro province; a wonderful nuraghe built entirely of blocks of candid limestone. It still has a perfectly intact central tholos (false dome).
  • Nuraghe Arrubiu 
    Red lichens cover the stones of this nuraghe in the Nuoro province and gives it its characteristic red colour.